Fashion Meets Music

Hey! Pat Weston here, so this past weekend (March 25th 2017) we had our first live Apartment 27 showcase! It was brought to or attention less than two weeks before it happened which loaded those twelve days with more stress than originally intended but after our rehearsal I knew we were ready. I'm known as the worrier here so trust me when I say I never really had anything to be nervous about. Balance opened the show building energy from his set which he handed over to me! After I played J.Lynn hopped on the mic and performed his first single "Killin it" and his next single, "Summertime," so if you weren't there you didn't get a sneak peak. Then it was Shaun Allens turn. Plenty of people in LA have heard this man before but nothing like this. It was a fantastic opportunity. The guys at "One World Peace" and "Fashion Meets Music" have invited us back to do this showcase again so keep an eye out! New music? Yes. We'll always do something extra special for each show so come on out!