Apartment 27 Phase 3

We’ve reached our third year as a record label and I honestly didn’t think this crazy idea was actually going to last one. David Frankel and I (Pat Weston) had a goal for the first two years which was, cultivate as much quality music as we can from our artists to show the world that we not only have a range of musical genres but that the new world is about fusing these genres together. Shaun Allens’, “No Mans Land” taking elements from pop, rock, metal, RnB and spinning it all into hard hitting, conscious rap. J.Lynn always determined to blow our minds with new music every time he comes into the studio. David Frankel taking his raw, musical talent and combining it with his unique ear for both the new and old tones, instruments, and production techniques. Go back and listen to my very first single from Apt27 “This Kid is Screwed” then listen to “Voices” and see how far David has come in his ability to mix and master music like industry pros, and he does it all on a six year old laptop without any plug-ins. We need to get this man a new computer. Any who, I wanted to express my gratitude to not only these three wonderful gentlemen but every single person who has given us their blessings. Including our parents, lovers, friends, and even our enemies (They give us a reason to prove them wrong.)

For me the past six years since leaving college has been nothing but hard, humbling, in some cases embarrassing, and eye-opening. I never moved here with any intention of making it over night. My college courses shoved foreshadowing disappointment down my throat so frequently that I wasn’t surprised when I hit those lows. Doesn’t make them any easier unfortunately but at least I saw them coming. Sometimes I feel as though I’m being dragged along by Apt27 and other days I feel like I’m leading the charge into the darkness of uncertainty.

For us “Phase 3” is simple, bring in people to run our business. We have the products, we’ve established a brand (not that it’s above changing) and now it comes down to sharing it with the world in the most effective ways possible. We want you. In fact, if we could, we would involve everyone in the world because Apartment 27 has never just been about music or entertainment (though, those are our products) it has been about working hard, being progressive with forward thinking, having a good time, and most importantly not giving up.

Never stop making music.