Apartment 27 is, at its core, an artist owned indie record label. Started by Pat Weston and David Frankel; Apt. 27 was simply a way for them to safely record, release, promote, and perform their music honestly. No funny business, no scams, just music, community, and positive energy.

Our Story

Pat and David met at The Second City Hollywood in the fall of 2014 after Pat crashed an "Improv 1" class that David happened to be enrolled in. The two became fast friends and for the next two years they, along side with some of their most talented and hilarious friends, performed improv, sketch comedy, and all sorts of wacky comedy shows.

Meanwhile, however, a different form of entertainment was being practiced by the two daily. After one jam session in North Hollywoods' "Amp Rehearsal" they realized they not only played extraordinarily well together but also spoke the same musical language, which is something in between well learned and practiced musical jargon and cheesy, metaphorical, singer/songwriter, emotional non-sense.

After two more rehearsals and endless 'A Minor' jam sessions, they performed their first show together on February 24th 2015 at Kulaks Woodshed in North Hollywood.

Left: Pat Weston Right: David Frankel

Photo Credit: Shawna Voragen

After the show Pat and David decided they wanted to work on more than just Pats music together. While working on a joint record, and recording a few fun songs with their friend Christian "J.Lynn" McClure, they decided to start their own independent record label.

With the support of great family and friends they are able to push forward with their ambitions of creating an ENTERTAINMENT EMPIRE!!! MWUAHAHAHA!!!!!!!